Outdoor Firepits & BBQs Installation

An outdoor fire pit will add ambiance to any backyard or deck. It will become a gathering spot for family and guests in the evening. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering having an outdoor fire pit installed.

It is important to check with your building department to identify any specific requirements that may need to be met. Here in the Denver area it is best to install a gas, either propane or natural gas, unit.

These are easy to light and maintain and will not need to be covered to prevent the escape of sparks. You will want a cover for protection from rain and snow although the water will drain out the bottom without the cover. Many come as a complete unit only needing a fire resistant underlayment between it and the deck usually extending twenty-four inches beyond the edges of the fire pit.

These units come in all kinds of shapes and sizes including surrounded tile surfaces for drinks and food.

If the installation is to be done on a deck it will be necessary to determine if the deck is capable of supporting the added load. Also both a gas supply and electrical service will need to be installed.