Covered Patios & Sunrooms


A Denver sunroom is usually an attached addition to your home, but can also be a separate structure located adjacent to your home. Sunrooms, although somewhat more expensive to build, offer much of the same atmosphere and enjoyment of a covered deck or patio, but without the bugs or the chilling effect of the wind or the mess of blowing debris.
Some of the uses for a sunroom include art studio, affording natural lighting, dining or breakfast room, extra entertaining area, spa or hot tub enclosure, and any number of other uses.

Sunrooms can be built in any shape and size and can be enclosed with screens, knee walls topped with screen or glass, or all glass walls and can be built with solid roofs, roofs with skylights, with partial glass, or all glass depending on the direction the room faces and the amount of direct sunlight you want.

By using insulation and multi pane glass, coupled with a heating system, the sunroom can be used comfortably almost all year here in Colorado.

Your sunroom can include a fireplace, wet bar, cooking area, heated floor, hot tub, or almost any other amenity you wish to include.


Because a sunroom offers so many variations of uses and can be built any number of ways, planning for this addition is a very important first step. Review all the different uses you can see as possibilities, make notes and draw sketches.

• Where do you want to place it?
• Off the kitchen?
• Family room?
• Bedroom?
• Or another area of your home?
• Will it be at ground level or a step down entrance?
• Will you want all the sunlight you can get or is it south facing and needing some shading?
• What kind of materials do you want to use?
• What roof type would you prefer?
• What amenities will you want to include?

CCR help you in coming up with the best answers to all of these and any other questions you may have.

Covered porch or patio

Covered porches or patios are a less expensive way to achieve many of the same effects of a sunroom. A porch or patio offers that outdoor living feel and creates an excellent entertainment area. These are areas usually attached to the home, but not uncommonly built as a separate unit. They can be completely open to the outdoor environment, partially enclosed, or fitted with collapsing wall panels allowing for adjustments to the outside conditions. Roof variations are similar to those used in sunrooms.

Unless raised, in which case they are usually constructed of wood, porches and patios can have many floor surfaces ranging from concrete, stone, brick, or tile.

Porches and patios may include many of a sunrooms amenities plus the addition of an outdoor fireplace or open fire pit.
Again, Comstock Custom Remodel will be able to help you in coming up with the best design to fit your needs.

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