Outdoor Living Spaces for Denver Style Homes

Comstock Custom Remodel has built many outdoor living spaces including decks, sunrooms, covered patios, outdoor kitchens, built in BBQs and firepits throughout the Denver Metropolitan area. The design possibilities of each are limitless and with our background, knowledge, experience, and expertise we are able to design and develop unique layouts for each individual home.

CCR works with a well known Denver designer and uses the services of an engineer and architect when their services are necessary to meet building code requirements.

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There are many simple and inexpensive things that can be done to enhance an outdoor living area. To take the best advantage of your outdoor area establish traffic patterns which will both encourage movement around the outdoor space and be visually pleasing. This can be done using planted borders, formal paths or changing landscape materials.
Just adding a two person hanging or standalone swing or a small table for two will make the area much more pleasing. The addition of colorful containers with potted plants or shrubs will add visual softness to any area.

Of course adding a fire pit or other form of fire place will create a natural gathering place. Add candle lanterns for soft lighting and to outline pathways.
Create a focal point using a fountain, pond, rock arrangement, or small sculpture. Arrange furniture around this area to form a natural gathering area for family and guests. Surround this area with a variety of seating options including benches, chairs, cut trunk sections or cut off wine barrels with cushions.

You can shield parts of the area with shrubs planted in pots or wooden planter boxes. Or use trellises with climbing vines. Add a pergola or trellised covering for added shade. Include window flower boxes.