Kitchen Remodeling Costs for Denver CO


Remodeling a kitchen can be the most complex and costly of all home remodeling projects for the size of the project. Kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes from the long slender galley style, to the corner kitchen, to the full three or four sided kitchen with an island and a peninsula counter. Most kitchens will be from one hundred square feet and up. Because of the infinite variations in design, lighting, counter top, tile and appliance choices it is very difficult to give accurate estimates in this overview.

Unlike building out a basement where the work is done out of sight and causes very little disturbance to everyday life, or the remodeling of a bathroom which, if there is a second bathroom, causes only a small disturbance, remodeling a kitchen will change your daily routines substantially. An alternate food preparation area will be needed to be set up with the refrigerator relocated and cooking and eating utensils storage arranged. Cooking will be accomplished with a microwave, hot plate, toaster oven or similar portable appliances.
For a minor remodel such as replacing the counter tops, sink and backsplash the cost will probably start around $1450.00 and go up depending on the choice and quality of materials used.

Remodeling a small one hundred square foot corner kitchen including new cabinets, counter top with backsplash, and reinstalling existing appliances will probably start around $7,500.00.

A major remodel including the removal of all existing cabinets, flooring, and backsplash and reinstalling all new cabinets, appliances, flooring, under cabinet lighting, and installation of ceiling can lighting will probably start around $20,000.00 to $24,000.00 and can increase significantly depending on the size of the kitchen and the choice and quality of the materials and appliances used.
The most accurate way to obtain a starting estimate for budgeting purposes is to have a qualified contractor visit the site and review exactly what you want to accomplish.

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