Whether you are building a new home and need cabinets throughout or remodeling your kitchen, the cost of the cabinets before installation can be as much as half of the cost of the entire kitchen remodel.

Cabinets come in many styles and different construction methods. The least expensive of these would be stock cabinets which can be found in the big box stores and home centers. They will usually run around $35 per linear foot. The biggest drawback is the limited selection of styles, sizes and the lack of fill pieces to finish to the wall or add space between cabinets as necessary.
The next step up is semi-custom cabinets. You will be able to look at all the styles and colors available from a number of manufactures. These will look and function much better than stock cabinets. These can be bought through home centers or kitchen showrooms. These stores will have a design center and manufactures software to help with the design. Although you can take the dimensions of your kitchen for use in the preliminary design and cost estimate, it is best to have someone from the designers staff come out to your home and take their own dimensions. That way if something does not fit they are responsible. You can expect to pay around $90 per linear foot for semi-custom cabinets.

The most expensive choice is custom cabinets. Here the configuration options are almost limitless. These cabinets can be built to any width and height you want with any wood or finish you desire. These cabinets will usually only be found in kitchen and bath showrooms or at a cabinet manufacturing facility. As above, have the cabinet designer take all the measurements. These cabinets will run from $150 per linear foot and up.
If you are looking for cabinets for your garage or basement storage area check out Habitat for Humanity’s national ReStore network. Be sure to check each cabinet, door and drawer for structural integrity before you buy.