Bathroom Makeover Tips for Homes in Denver

We have provided you with some simple Bathroom Makeover Tips below to help you quickly and affordably spruce up your bathroom.

Painting is easy, fast and will make any older bathroom look newer and cleaner. Use a semigloss finish paint as it is easier to clean and works well in a moisture area.

Repair drywall
Repairing drywall may sound difficult, but is actually very easy to do. Home Depot and Lowe’s carry ready made patches of different sizes which stick to the wall. Wipe over two thin coats of drywall mudding compound, wait for it to dry and then texture it with a can of spray on texture. Paint with primer and finish with a coat of matching wall color.

Paint cabinets
Painting cabinets can be fun because of all the different paint finishes available. It is quick and easy and additional highlight colors can be added to enhance the look.

Change cabinet hardware
Cabinet hardware when added to a freshly painted vanity will make the unit look like new.

Replace faucets and shower head
Older faucets will really date a bathroom. New ones are easy to install and will probably have a better flow rate. Installation should not take any special tools. A new shower head will also probably increase water flow and will add a touch of newness to the shower.

Change curtain rod / shower curtain
A shower rod will get water hardness spots and rust over time. Most shower rods are either spring or twist to fit units. Add a new shower curtain and this area of the bathroom will look like new.

Recaulk & regrout
This will take some time but the results will be worth the effort. Old, badly damaged caulk may have to be scraped with a small sharp tool to remove the dark spots. Stained grout can usually be cleaned with a grout cleaner and a small wire brush.

Caulking around the top of a tub and the tile surround is also a good idea. Old caulk will shrink and darken giving the tub a dirty look. Take a razor blade and clean off all the old caulk. Wipe the area clean and let it dry before adding new caulk. Apply a thin bead of caulk and then smooth it over, removing any extra with a wet finger. Do not use the tub for at least two hours after applying the caulk.

Change accessories
This is an easy one which require personal taste and sufficient room. Don’t over crowd the sink area as other temporary items may have to be placed here.

Replace counter top
This is best done by a professional. There are many options for counter tops including tile, stone, granite and a number of manmade choices. Most of these require special tools and accurate dimensioning to get the professional look.

Replace mirror
Lots of options here. Putting a frame around the existing mirror is one. Buying a new mirror with a different look will change the appearance of the room. When doing a mirror change consider adding or replacing the lighting. Most bathroom only have a light above the mirror and a second ceiling light. Consider adding sconces on both sides of the mirror. You will be surprised at how much that improves the overall lighting.

Extend tub / shower surround tile to the ceiling
This may sound difficult but it really isn’t. You may have to rent a small tile saw and purchase a spreading tool but that’s about it. Be sure to clean the un-tiled wall section before you start. You can use pre-mixed tile mastic which requires no mixing and is easy to clean up. You may need to remove the top row of tiles as they may have a rounded or bull nose edge. Consider adding a complimentary colored accent strip and then finishing to the top with the existing color tile. If the existing color or style of tile is unavailable consider using a second complimentary color tile above the accent strip.