Bathroom Remodeling Cost


Bathrooms come in four different sizes:
– The half bath that includes just a sink/vanity and toilet.
– The three-quarter bath including a shower, vanity/sink and toilet.
– The full bath including a tub/shower sink(s)/vanity and toilet.
– The master bath which will include everything in the full bath but much more enhanced facilities.


All of the above bathrooms will be of different sizes varying from five by six feet to ten by fifteen feet and larger. For the half bath, the smallest bathroom, the cost averages $250 to $350 dollars per square foot. The difference depends on the choice and cost of the finish materials. For the other three bath sizes the cost will increase with the addition of such amenities as heated floors, frameless glass shower doors, granite counter tops, natural stone tiles, recessed niches, body sprays, sconce lighting, and any number of other enhancements.

Most half baths are very small, in the five by six foot range or about thirty square feet. This would include a vanity with sink, mirror, vanity light, overhead light, toilet, and a ceramic tile floor all included in one room. The faucet would have a standard polished chrome or brushed nickel finish. The vanity top and sink would be a single unit with a solid surface counter. Lighting would include one vanity light. The toilet would be a standard white model. As indicated above, this would fall in the $250 to $350 per square foot range or from $7,500 to $10,500.


The three quarter bath will usually include a shower as well as all items in the half bath. This will be in the range of five or six feet by seven or eight feet. It will be one room including a glass enclosed shower, possible a two sink vanity, and similar features as the half bath above. Again the features chosen will affect the cost of the build-out. A good price range for this size of bathroom is from $275 to $400 per square foot or from $9,650 to $19,200.

A full bath will include a tub shower combination. This is often the master bath layout or a bathroom setup for two or more secondary bedrooms. These bathrooms may not be much larger than the three-quarter bath being somewhere between fifth to seventy square feet. The addition of the bathtub will add some to the overall cost. Often these bathrooms will also have a separate area for the tub/shower and toilet. This will again add to the cost. A good price range for this size of bathroom is from $300.00 to $425.00 per square foot or from $15,000.00 to $29,750.00.

This typically has a separate tub and shower with a single two sink vanity or two separate vanities with mirrors and lighting and will be one hundred square feet and up. It will include a separate toilet room. All of the additional plumbing, lighting and square footage for tiling makes this bathroom the most expensive per square foot. Both the shower and the tub will need a tile surround and the shower may include body sprays, niches for soaps and other shower items, overhead lighting, and probably a seat. All of these and many other options may be included. A good price range for this size bathroom is from $350.00 to $475.00 per square foot or from $35,000.00 to $45,000.00.

– Convert a tub into a walk-in shower. This requires removing the tub and removing the surrounding walls to the studs. The drain would need to be moved and a new shower valve and faucet installed. The shower would be rebuilt with a tile shower surround and tiled shower pan. An overhead light is also recommended. This conversion would be $9,000.00 or more depending on tile chosen, tile layout, niches, glass enclosure, and the addition of a seat.

– Replacement of the tub, toilet and vanity. These changes offer a wide variation in choices, would require removing and replacing the tile tub surround and vanity back splash. This would also be a good time to replace the vanity mirror(s) and lighting and possibly adding additional overhead lighting. This project would start at approximately $7,000.00.