Bathroom Remodeling for Denver Homes

Our company has completed many Denver bathroom remodels of different shapes and sizes across the Denver Metro area. Each space is unique and requires thought and preparation before the project begins.

The CCR team will help you throughout the process from your initial planning to the finishing touches. With our background, knowledge, experience, and expertise we will help you determine how to make the best use of the area.

Bath remodeling in Denver is one of the more complex home remodeling projects. The CCR team works with a noted designer providing you with any design that compliments your existing space.

What is the Return on your Investment?

The investment you make in your bathroom remodel is both for your enjoyment and increases the value of your home. According to the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (, for a bathroom remodel in the Denver area, the average return is almost 60% of the original investment. This makes a bathroom one of the better returns on investment when considering all other areas of a home that can be remodeled.


bathroom remodel

What type of Denver bathroom remodel are you considering?

Bathroom remodels come in two different categories, a minor remodel such as replacement of counter tops and sinks or upgrading the floor to tile, to a complete tear out of the existing bathroom requiring all new cabinets, counter tops, tub/shower arrangement, re-tiling of shower surround and floor, and new faucets, mirrors and lighting.
In the first case your options may be somewhat limited by what is already there.
In the second case you are starting with a clean palette allowing you to do whatever you want with the space.

Develop a plan

Before starting or contacting a contractor, spend time deciding how you foresee using the space, make notes and draw out a plan.
• Do you want to change the location of the sink(s), tub/shower or toilet?
• Do you want separate vanities or one large one with two sinks?
• Do you want to add or change a window?
• Do you want to change from a tub/shower to just a shower?
• What kind of lighting do you want?
• What kind of flooring do you want?
• Have you decided on tile?

CCR will aid with the design and have plans drawn by one of our designers. We will inform you if changes to the original structure need to be made to accomplish the remodel you want. This is a critical first step as once construction has started it becomes costly to make major changes.

Getting an estimate

The CCR team will make a complimentary visit to the site, listen carefully to you to get a clear understanding of what is expected and determine a cost range within which a detailed estimate should fall. If this preliminary estimate range falls within your acceptable budget limits the estimate process will continue.

We will then develop drawings/plans and prepare a detailed estimate with a “price not to exceed” clause, excluding changes to the plan made at a later date or due to unforeseen circumstances. There is a fee for this service which will only be charged if a construction contract is not signed with CCR.

We then visit a second time to walk you through the plans and make sure all the requirements of the remodel are what you want and make any necessary adjustments. This helps you better visualize what the finished renovation will look and feel like.

Some changes to the original estimate may be required when unforeseen circumstances arise such as water damage found after removing an existing wall, ceiling or floor.

All changes to the original estimate will be covered with a change order signed by both CCR and you.

Estimates will usually include allowances for items that you have to decide on such as the quality of vanity cabinets, counter tops and sinks, light fixtures, faucets, tile, and other items of choice to be determined by you.

Finally, once you agree with the design and estimated price and the proposed start-up and estimated completion date a contract will be drawn up.

Once the contract is signed
If required, a building permit will be obtained and work will begin.
The CCR team will maintain constant contact with you throughout the building process to answer any questions or suggest any changes which might be required due to unforeseen circumstances.

A member of the CCR team will always be onsite when sub-contractors are working.
The work site will be left in a clean and un-encumbering state at the end of each day.

Once the work has been completed

The CCR team will do a detailed walk through with you and develop a “punch list” of any items that need adjustment, touch up or rework. When you are completely satisfied with all of the work performed we ask you to sign the contract as completed.

Our Guarantee
Comstock Custom Remodel, LLC guarantees its workmanship for one year and will return at no cost to make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

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