Basement Renovation Ideas

When considering ideas for remodeling your basement, start by deciding what the basement is to be used for: Office space; extra bedroom; children’s play area; additional bathroom; party entertainment area, or any number of other uses. This will help in planning what materials should be used.

That open ceiling with all its piping, electrical wires and HVAC ducting can be covered with drywall, ceiling panels or soffits. Ceiling panels come in a variety of options from acoustic panels to plastic or metal and range in size from 2 x 2 foot to 2 x 4 foot sections.
Basements are usually dark with small windows. Install plenty of lighting and consider painting the walls with light colors.

If you are planning on adding a bedroom you must build an egress window in one of the walls of that room.

To make the basement feel like a part of the rest of the home open the stairwell if possible and do not include a door at either the top or the bottom.
Add some of the amenities you have upstairs; crown molding, oversize baseboard, or wainscoting with a chair rail.